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My Outlander Book Obsession or Why I Haven’t Been Writing

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I’d like to say that life got in the way, but I’d be lying.  Books got in the way.  Yes, I discovered a series of books that I had somehow overlooked in years past and became hooked – line and sinker.  Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series stole my attention and I became shamelessly addicted to her main characters Jamie and Claire.

I was glad that it took me so long to discover the series because that enabled me to go from sequel to sequel without waiting for that annoying process they call writing.  And some of those books ended on such cliffhangers that I might’ve gone totally loony waiting for the next one to arrive in stores.  (Yes, in stores, because the series started back when that was the way people actually bought books!)  As it worked out, I was satisfied with the ending of the latest ‘In My Own Heart’s Blood’ but it did leave me a bit bereft – you  know, like a smoker with no more cigarettes…a drinker with no more alcohol…

Okay, I have a confession to make.  My name is Deana and I am an Outlander addict.  I think I may just have to re-read the first novel in the series again.  Because I need more of Jamie and Claire.

But, I promised my family when I finished the series I would stop reading books for awhile as they were missing my attention. My youngest son likes to tell people about how he caught me reading while I was walking down the hallway – I bumped slightly into the wall and just kept on walking and reading.  (I was on my way to the laundry room to take the clothes out of the dryer, but I was at a really good part and didn’t want to put it down…)

So, I’ve been holding off – for now.  I’ve given my family lots of attention over the holidays.  But for anyone who has been hooked on this series – you know exactly my baffled state of mind.  I know I’m not the only one who started talking with a Scottish accent while reading the books because I’ve heard others admit to it on Facebook.  (By the way, I don’t think anyone ever really picked up on my Scottish accent because my Texas accent is so strong, but I dinna fash, LOL.)

At any rate, I’ve been ‘jonesin” for some more ‘Outlander’ and have enjoyed listening to some Facebook friends as they have discovered the series and I get to re-live it through their joyful posts, but it’s not the same as 1st hand Outlander relief.  Thank goodness we at least have the new Outlander series on Starz to watch this coming year, Praise Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!


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The Games People Play (Part II)

I started thinking about this recently because of some of my daughter’s friends/former friends and the difficulties involved in being of the female sex and dealing with other females.  Thinking I might be able to help my daughter in some way, I started reading this book called ‘Odd Girl Out – The Hidden Aggression in Girls’ by Rachel Simmons.  Rachel interviewed various aged girls/women all over the country learning about the silent bullying females partake in against each other.  Anyone who has read ‘Reviving Ophelia‘ will appreciate this book as well.  I haven’t finished it yet, but I will let you know when I do if there are any solutions offered.  So far, there have been MANY stories of girls hurting other girls by excluding them, talking about them behind their backs, playing cruel practical jokes, gossiping and ruining reputations, the stares and looks of devious plans obvious only by the victim and the victimizers.    It’s actually depressing and frustratingly sad to read and it puts me in a bad mood after having read it.  The interviews detail points of bullying/abuse while the girls are in elementary, junior & high schools.  After all that misery, you would think grown women would know better than to re-enact those years.

Alas, that is not the case.  Which depresses me.  Every female I’ve ever known has agreed how hard it is to find a good female friend.  We learn in our youth that females (in general) cannot be trusted – because of unkept secrets, lies, the talking-behind-the-back-thing, phoniness and fake fronts, oh the list goes on and on.   The majority of women in the world will fully admit that it is easier to be friends with a guy because we always know where we stand with a male.  When it comes to women, most men complain that they can’t figure us out.  Guess what?  Women can’t figure women out.

Every female knows what it is like to be betrayed by a friend.  Whether it is a broken promise to keep a secret or a boyfriend stolen or a sudden dropped friendship.  And every girl has done one or all to a friend.    Some girls learn early that they do not enjoy doing wrong to a friend so they grow up to become women who are trustworthy, caring friends.  Some girls never learn.  Because of the hurts during our informative years,  when we become women out in the world we are less likely to trust each other and world-weary of female drama.  Yet, it doesn’t stop.  I’m lucky to have found a few good women friends and some lifelong ones that I feel comfortable enough to be myself with and trust them – and I truly cherish these friendships because the fact of the matter is – females must remain weary of their female counter parts – for the rest of their lives (check out what goes on in the Nursing Homes if you don’t believe that last part.)  Why do we do this to each other?

I had hoped that when I grew up the female games would be over.   That was back when I was young and idealistic.

I’ve worked in many different places.    In every place that involved more than two females, you can bet there was drama, angst, lying, gossiping, back-stabbing and general female catty-ness going on.  Like trying to make it through ‘Survivor’ you have to learn quickly all the stories and decide which group you will become part of – because one group will be staying while the others slowing disappear unable to take the game. (Just like in the television showOutcomes vary.)   (I am therefore ever so grateful to be a mostly stay-at-home-mom now, wink :-).

Another example of adult females acting juvenile happened to me when my children were in elementary school and I was nominated to be involved a particular school organization whose main goal was to raise money for the school so the children could have a better education.  Seems like a respectable volunteer organization right?  (Not).   I was new to it but learned immediately of the inner turmoil going on.  The VP and the Pres were talking behind each others backs but being ‘oh so nice‘ to each other’s face.  Other members were lobbying behind their backs to take over their positions the next year.  The gossip flowed about each different person in the group only when they weren’t around.  I quickly wondered what was being said about me when I wasn’t around.  (I made a special point to never say anything critical about anyone because I saw how quick they were to spread gossip.  I did listen to them though.  (I never took a stand and stood up to defend anyone – maybe that was my mistake?)  The back-stabbing that went on – for what?  This was supposed to be a do-good group.  Why would anyone want to turn it into the equivalent of a high-school popularity contest or ‘Mean Girls‘ episode?  I never spoke bad about anyone, maintained my rule of following the Golden Rule, listened and learned, and when my time was up I refused to re-join.  I’ve stayed back from any other kind of group activity at the schools because of that experience.  It’s a shame that the parents can’t be grown-ups ya know?  What happened to handling things in a mature fashion?

Why do so many females turn against each other?

If this book gives me some answers I’ll let ya know, but I haven’t seen any yet…

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I have a confession to make….hello, I am a book junkie.  Books, books and more books.  I LOVE books.  Fiction, non-fiction, I must have more.  I am always reading at least 3 different books at once.  A couple of nonfiction books that make me think and the fiction books where I can escape into another realm living vicariously through some character magically imagined in someone’s mind.  I even have lists of books that I want to read and books that I have already read.  I have shelves and shelves of books that I have read and/or want to read.  And I always want more.

My kids hate going into a bookstore with me because they know through experience that it’s going to take awhile.  I just love to browse the shelves in search of that special book that I MUST read.  I love going to the library book sales and finding unexpected little cheap treasures.  I love searching the books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and researching them – comments and opinions.  I have wish lists on both web sites.

I keep telling myself – “Self, do not buy any more books until you have read all of the books you already own!”  But my Self cannot be stopped.  I am greedy in my reading like a fat man at an all you can buffet.

I’ve considered adding another tab to my blog with my long list of favorite books and why they should be read by others – but then second guessed it, because who would care to read that?

I own a Nook so I have many books on it as well.  It works great when the rest of my household desires the room to be pitch black for the non-glare television experience and all I want to do is READ MORE.  Because sometimes life does have to stop so you can finish that book you’re inside of.  Sometimes you just have to ‘solve that mystery‘ before you can do anything else.  (I do not recommend the Nook to anyone else though, as I have found out through my research of comments I am not the only one to have problems with the charging plug.  It seems to be a common problem to Nooks.  I do not know why the company has not fixed this problem as of 2 weeks ago more than 230 people actually posted complaints on their website about it, so they know.)

Yes, some women collect shoes with joyful abandon, but I, the dragonfly, I collect BOOKS.  If I become depressed with life, all I have to do is go to our local library and browse the shelves of books to find a sense of peace and belonging.  Maybe I’m weird, but I’ve loved books since before I could read.  I wanted to learn how to read so bad that before I had schooling to teach me, I would open up books and make up my own words to the pictures.

Sometimes I even crave books.  I can’t imagine my life without books.  Yes, I am a ‘bookworm’.

Today I updated my wishlist on Amazon and discovered that some of the books were almost ‘out of stock’ (aagghhh!)  Of course, I had to order them before they were gone forever!  I even scored the very last copy of one.  But I did buy more than I should’ve.  I’ve outlawed myself from buying any more books for the rest of the year because of this.  Oh, except for the new Michael Connolly book coming out in the fall.  And the short story one on ebooks next month.  Except for those two – no more buying books!  I can do this – right?

God forgive me…I am a book junkie

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