Here I go again…

After a 2 year hiatus for medical reasons I am going to attempt to re-start this blog of mine. I have to say after not checking on it for that long I was surprised to find strange advertisements popping up on my page that I never agreed to have. I guess since I’m using the ‘free’ version of WordPress  this is what I must deal with – and I’m not so sure I like it. But since I really don’t have the know-how to make my own website, this will have to do…for now.

My next post should come out sometime next week…

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The Crazy Mind of a 1st time 5K Runner

One of the things on my old Bucket List was to run half a marathon so I could get a t-shirt that said ‘I did a half-marathon because I’m only half-crazy’ – cute and funny, heh? But I knew I needed to start with a 5K and work my way up to Marathon status. I attempted to use that Couch to 5K app on my phone that says when to run, walk and timing – so I could gradually reach my goal. A couple of months into it my knee was injured and that ended the desire for over a year. But just this week one of my BFF’s says she needs someone to do the 5K Run Against Cancer on Saturday morning with her. I didn’t want her to have to do it alone and I knew I needed to just try it instead of talking about it. I paid my entry fee the night before and joined her. I figured if I haven’t done a 5K for myself, maybe I could do it for all our loved ones and friends who have had their lives affected by cancer- For all those who have died from it, and those who have survived it.

Now I have to be honest here. I didn’t pay the fees until the night before because I was still on the fence about doing it. And after a sleepless night, I was considering backing out that morning. But I forced my mind off and just showed up. First hurdle accomplished. The people that were running the Marathon took off at 7:30am to a glorious sunrise. We started off at 8 a.m. The sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing cool (temps ranging in the 60’s.) The plan was to use Annette’s phone app to tell us to jog 2 minutes, then walk a minute, jog 2, walk one – etc. and that’s how we started off leaving downtown Victoria.

And now I will allow you to enter my mind and the rest of this post will be like hearing my thoughts out loud. So, if you know how my voice sounds, please envision me speaking the rest.

Wow. This is a LOT of people taking off at once. I hope I don’t get stepped on. I hope I don’t step on someone else! Oh, good, this part is down hill. Annette’s pace is a little much for me. I’m breathing too hard already. Geez, we’ve only jogged 2 blocks and my lungs are burning! It’s so crowded, they need a fast lane and a slow lane, it would help keep people like me from tripping over their feet while trying to wind around these groups.

Shewwwhhh! Glad we’re walking fast now. I don’t know how I can keep this up for a whole 5K. What in the world have I gotten myself into? It sure is a pretty day though! Thank God it’s not hot! I’d definitely pass out in the heat of summer. Heck, I may still pass out! If she keeps jogging this fast she is going to lose me. My lungs are on fire! I’m losing my ability to breathe. Body feels like lead. Must slow down.

Oh no way am I running up this hill! Are you crazy? Bye Annette! I’m walking up the hills. No way can I run up. Just walk fast. Stretch those short legs out! Faster! Ok, once at the top start jogging again. I can do this. Yes, I’m doing this! Oh *#@! My Knee!!!! The shooting fire of pain – Auggghhhh! Don’t fall down, don’t fall down Deana! Just hobble, limp but keep walking. A few more blocks and I will be by the parking garage, I could sneak in there, climb into my Explorer and just lay down and wait for Annette to finish. Hmmm….

No, you’re doing this if you have to limp the whole way!!! Crap, they have a whole bunch of people standing on the sidelines cheering and yelling. And I have to limp past – just don’t make eye contact and keep moving. Be determined.  Did that photographer just take a picture of me limping?!!! Really??? I better not see that in the newspaper. It would be just my luck. Not even half way through and I look like I’m in agony. Oh well, now I really have to finish!!! Great. See ya later parking garage.

Ok, this walking thing is getting easier now, maybe my knee is more warmed up? Oh boy, we’re going to have to cross a major street and the police have the cars stopped and lined up waiting on us. I can’t be the one walking and holding everybody up. Start jogging slow, yeah that’s it – not too hard or fast. I hope my knee doesn’t give out in the middle of this highway! Nope, I got this! Jog, jog, jog. Walk fast. jog. walk fast. jog. Another freakin’ hill? Are you kidding me?!!! We live in the flattest place in Texas and they have our 5K route cover the only hills in town! Figures. Just walk the hills Deana. Then jog. Oh, this is much better, jogging down the hill. Oh, I’m getting really thirsty. But I have to pee. Will have to hold out a little longer for water or I may wet myself.

Oh great, another hill. And people running past me? I really need to get in better shape. That’s just sad. Jog more. Jog, jog, oh nope, gonna have to walk or I am going to trip over some of the pot holes. Not only did they give us lots of hills to maneuver but also bumpy streets with gravel and potholes and uneven roads. I hope I don’t twist my ankle. Just concentrate on not twisting ankle, forget about breathing. I lost breath on that other block anyway. Maybe I can pick it up on the way back!

What??? Not even half way yet? And I am exhausted. How in the world did I ever think I could do a half Marathon? I’m crazy. Well, I guess that ain’t happening, I can take that off my Bucket List. I’ll be lucky to finish this 5K!!! Oh, Water! Yay me, wet and cold. Mmmm. Phooey, I still have to pee. No more water for me. Bye bye water girl. Jog. just jog slow and easy and watch out that you don’t twist your ankle. Downhill now, woo hoo! I can do this. keep goooinggg. Walk fast now. Jog down again. Walk fast now. Oh, this is an easy hill to jog down, it’s steeper than I realized when I was going up it. Uh oh. Too steep, too fast! Slow down or you are going to eat pavement at the bottom!!!! Gravel, oh no. It literally hurts my thighs to try to slow them. And now, Oh yeah, that’s right, up another freakin’ hill. Just stretch those legs and walk. I sure do like all these historical homes down here, so pretty. Oh, I’ve been inside that one! Oops, watch out or you’re going to trip over your own feet. It sure would help if I could lift my legs higher, but really, they feel like jello now, all the way down to my ankles. Is that jello on my ankles? No. Ok. There’s the streetlight and another traffic stopper. Must run so horns don’t honk at you. Oh, that hurts my knee, oh my gosh – I hope I don’t wipe out and face plant in the middle of this street in front of all these people!!!!

Ok, made it. Walk fast for a block then jog, and hey, is that the end corner coming up? Yes! Almost there! Bladder feels like will explode. Must not pee myself in front of everyone! I will jog the last two blocks no matter what! I’m actually going to finish this thing!!! Uh oh, Mucho people standing around cheering, I hope I don’t wipe out in front of them right before the finish line! I’m pretty sure that would make the local news! Stop thinking and just run Deana!!! Oh, there’s Annette on the side waving – wave low back, no energy left. What’s that, somebody running up behind me? Oh, I don’t think so! You ain’t passing me up Chica, I’m hitting that finish line before you!

Yes! I finished. I want to raise my hands and yell ‘Woo Hoo’ but I can’t raise my arms. I may pass out. Ouch my legs hurt! Keep walking or you will fall. Lungs burning. Water, where’s the water? Where’s Annette? “

After that, it’s kind of blurry, but we walked, I grabbed some water and fruit and we looked to see where our times landed in our age groups. In the middle if you’re curious, we were both relieved we weren’t last.

I have to say it feels really good to be  able to say I did run my first 5K at 47 years of age. I don’t think I’m going to make that half Marathon, but maybe I can do another 5K and try to beat my own time. For now, I will have to concentrate on the present. Which means hobbling around moaning and groaning with any movement because my whole body is sore!

And why run against cancer? The info packet they gave us says:

Exercise is an important step in reducing the various cancer types & being physically active can play a key role in preventing cancers caused by lifestyle factors (not genetics.) And more. We all know exercise is good for people, no need for a lecture.

But I did want to share my adventure, thinking everyone might get a laugh out of my crazy mind’s first 5K. (P.S. I did make it home before peeing myself.)

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I’m Back!

It’s been so long since I have blogged the whole site has changed so please forgive me as I re-learn everything. And could someone explain to me why technology has to constantly change! Upgrades my *ss – it’s all a racket to make more money. At least I still get to blog here for free. (*knocks on wood.)

So much has happened since I last blogged, I’m not sure where to start. Most exciting news:  We are now the proud owners of ‘The Dragonfly Ranch’ in Thomaston, Texas, perfectly situated between Victoria and Cuero, it’s an easy 12-15 minute drive away from our home. My darling husband Robert has been having a blast shredding and doing work with his big orange tractor (which I re-named his ‘Mistress’ and he affectionately calls ‘Big D’ lol). It’s 140 acres of blissful get-a-way from town where we can hunt, work and play on the 4 wheelers.  I prefer riding my 4 wheeler and snapping photos of the flora and fauna and wildlife and yes, LOTS of dragonflies.  There is a nice barn for storage and an old craftsman style ranch house that would be an ok deer hunting cabin.

As far as the kiddos go, Trent is still going to college in San Marcos at Texas State, hoping to finish in a year. He ran into a little trouble last spring because of one annoying roommate who pushed his buttons and last nerve, causing Trent to get into his 1st ever fist fight. That redheaded temper can only take so much. Hopefully he learned a life lesson that some people really aren’t worth the trouble and remembers it when he has to deal with POS people.  Tara is still working full time at the JC Penney’s Salon in the Victoria Mall and taking college Business classes. She is actually considering continuing on to get a Business Marketing degree now that she has a Business Management Certificate. She also met a really nice young man who she can’t seem to get enough of and they are a cute couple. He is respectful and polite, he has good job and is reliable and dependable, so really – we are very happy for her.  Chance got hurt again playing football this year, but at least he got to actually play a few games before being out for the rest of the season. He suffered a severely bruised knee & thigh bones and a sprained ankle with contusions. We suffered yet another thousands of dollars in Doctor bills. He’s been cleared for sports now and is in Power Lifting.  He’s still struggling to make his grades at the private school but is learning so much and will hopefully be better prepared for college.

We had many visitors over the summer which was a nice change but also kept me busy cleaning and washing sheets etc. so I never really had any down time to sit down blog. Not that I have a whole lot of time now, I’ve become horrible inefficient at time management and scatterbrained with focus. Once you hit your forties your body starts letting you down, breaking down and your vision goes caput. I spent $82 for a top last week because I didn’t have my glasses on to read the price and my bad eyes thought it said $38. I was horrified by my mistake and disgusted with my eyesight. I need bifocals but wearing glasses all of the time hurts my head so I’m at a crossroads – headache or mistakes?

I joined a bunco group that plays once a month which is fun and good for the old foggy brain. I also signed on as a Young Living essential oils wholesaler, so hey, if you are in the need of oils you can get them from me! I love using them. I prefer using them in a diffuser as their fragrances are better than candles. But they also have some great ones to mix with hair products for hair growth and healthiness (because, yeah when you get older your hair starts to fall out too!) and sore muscles and such. I could go on and on but I’ll stop for now. This is a topic to delve into later. Pinterest explains much and gives tons of recipes though, hint, hint.

Enough for now, I want to see how this turns out. And stay tuned for the next blog post, I will share a funny story telling on my stupid self, lol.




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NFL Sports Suck

The owners of NFL teams complain about fans being fickle – HA! They cause this – one day they are all for a player and/or coach and the next they dismiss them from the team. We are expected to pay outrageous, overpriced hard earned cash to sit in the stands or just wear one of our favorite player’s jerseys, then all of a sudden – POOF! That player/coach is no longer a part of the team we were rooting for and the jersey/# is worthless- but wait – there’s more changes – and, well – what team are we raving about? Because half the players have changed and we no longer know who is playing for which team, wait a minute? Was I going for this player, or this other team, or that Coach…I’m confused.

Such is life if you pay any attention to American NFL Football – and anyone who doesn’t – well, I will tell you now, don’t waste your time – It’s just another money pit – a heartless, soulless, business that only wants your money – I tried to like it for the sake of having teenage boys who LOVED football and played it and if I wanted to have a conversation with them I needed to know what was going on in the NFL and have a somewhat idea of football plays and positions.

And while I do have an appreciation for the intricacies and intelligence of specific plays and their execution – I no longer have any appreciation for the NFL. The actual game of football , yes – but once the ‘professionals’ get involved – no – it’s all about money and don’t let anyone tell you any different because that would be a lie.

Cheating? Oh, if you can get away with it (PATRIOTS) sure – go ahead – be a winner. Cheat all you want and make extra money. Beat your wives, rape your girlfriends, but don’t whip your child’s butt for misbehaving, because that’s just going too far. (I digress, that’s not the Patriots of course, only other teams get in trouble for that) The NFL decides on punishment with a roulette wheel – there is no rhyme or reason – probably it amounts to who pays the people  in charge the right amount of money – yes, I said it.  They allow thieves and other criminals to be leaders of teams and then act surprised when other team members get arrested for ‘real people’ crimes.

I really tried. I tried hard to understand the love of football that my boys had – and I say had because they have come to realize much of the same things I have – football coaches these days have much going against them – the main thing being FACTS. If you aren’t tall enough, big enough, or black enough, then you don’t stand much of a chance playing football. They can scream about heart and team as much as they desire – but the facts remain the same – and anyone who watches or pays any attention to the sport of football knows the deal. Athleticism, is the first and utmost importance, but who you know, do you know how to cheat and get away with it, color of your skin (yes, black people rule in football), but it really all comes down to luck in the long run. Because Coaches stack their teams the best they can, and smart coaches rule their teams with great plays both offensive and defensive, but the BIG thing – the one that EVERYYONE conveniently forgets – is that IT TAKES AN ENTIRE TEAM of people working together – there is not one star that can make a winning team – it takes multiple people and that right there my friend is the biggest challenge for all sports, professional and other. (Because when a team gets a ‘star’ athlete they tend to forget about every other player – thus the eventual downfall of all).

Everyone likes to place blame on the quarterbacks, running backs, or in some cases the entire defense (or pitchers, catchers, hitters, for baseball, you get my point) for any loss – BUT there is not ONE person to blame – it takes an entire team. ALL positions must work together, including Coaches. Including Owners who think they know and push their ideals when they don’t have enough experience to boss people around who should be allowed to make the decisions that make a difference in a great team working together and just a team that was randomly picked for nefarious reasons of an egotistical owner. (Do I have to say Jerry Jones for example?)

Yes, I said it. Does anyone have the balls to prove me wrong?

Ah, don’t bother – there are too many other things of relevance I can do besides waste my time watching criminals make money on national TV. Oh crap, there’s still more political debates though – same difference, different game.

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Book Review of Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’

I actually found this book (1st rough draft thought it may be) politically relevant to today’s culture and historically useful for the today’s youth. Read on if you don’t believe me. The 1st reviews I heard about this book left me questioning the worth of its read – but the biggest complaints are because of the one fact that the complainers have confused:  It wasn’t ready to be printed into a book in the 1st place! It was a rough draft. I think that if Harper Lee (or someone else that cared enough) revised, rewrote parts, worked on smoother transitions and confusing dialogue and arguments – then this book could have been almost as good as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ (for simplification purposes I will use the acronym TKAM for that book for now on and ‘Go Set a Watchman’ will become GSAW.)  Yes, GSAW needed editing but its basic premise was an idea worthy of a book of its own.  I know the original editing process turned GSAW into TKAM – but really, they should be two stand alone books or GSAW a solid sequel. Therefore, keeping in mind that GSAW was an unedited 1st draft, I rather enjoyed it and think it is worth a read. I will recommend it to all, with the caveat to keep expectations low because of the ‘unedited, 1st draft’ distinction.

To summarize the book in a nutshell, it’s about a woman who has been living away from home and comes back to visit her hometown and family. While there she discovers how the town has changed and/or not changed along with her family and boyfriend. She also has the unenjoyable experience of removing her father from the pedestal she had him placed on her entire life and has to come to terms with the fact that their life views are not the same – in other words, she has to grow up. Maturity doesn’t come easy for the girl who was able to do whatever she wanted her entire life, so her Uncle, Dr. Jack Finch, dutifully helps her along. (A conversation, by the way, that had it been edited and worked on- could’ve held some very deep truths for society and cultural relevancy in today’s world.) While home, Scout (who is now mostly referred to by her given name Jean Louise) does have some reminiscing of the old days and we learn some new stories as well as some repetitive information given to us in that unedited way that makes it less pleasurable to read than the smooth transitions in TKAM. But who doesn’t enjoy reading about Scout, Jem and Dill no matter how it’s written?

The title of the book, odd at first glance, is better explained when Jean Louise goes to church with her family and hears a sermon by the pastor, Mr. Stone, preaching over Isaiah 21:6

‘For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.”

After this Jean Louise thinks,

“Mr. Stone set a watchman in church yesterday, he should’ve provided me with one.”

This is foreshadowing of what will happen with Jean Louise. The Bible references of watchmen (lookouts on the city walls) often appear in stories of prophetic visions of destruction.  Watchmen are the first to see trouble coming and there was  trouble coming for Jean Louise.  It alludes to her expectations of her father Atticus Finch and the disillusionment she discovers when she find his ideals do not agree with her own. Another (albeit random) foreshadowing occurrence was that Jean Louise kept bumping her head every time she tried to enter a vehicle (until the very end, after her revelation, when she finally found herself able to climb into a vehicle without bumping her head.)

We meet the boyfriend, Henry ‘Hank’ Clinton, right in the beginning since he picks up Scout (it’s more fun to say Scout, so I’m calling her that from now on) at the train station and drives her home to find her Aunt Alexandra living with Atticus since he has rheumatoid arthritis and needs help sometimes. I’m not going to tell the entire story, but I do want to highlight some of the points of discussion that happened later on while Scout was arguing with Uncle Dr. Jack Finch and Atticus. It helps to know a little history because they talk about Reconstruction (referring to the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War) and about another ‘possible’ second reconstruction happening again in the 1950’s when the story took place because of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Education which forced the South to desegregate their schools, etc. Dr. Finch says, “The have-nots have risen and have demanded their due – sometimes more than their due. The haves are restricted from getting more.” He goes on to say,

“As sure as time, history is repeating itself, and as sure as man is man, history is the last place he’ll look for his lessons.” (A bit prescient of today if you ask me!)

Another interesting dialogue happens with Scout and her Uncle Jack when he explains the origins of redneck racism (my words) in very simplistic terms – he basically said that before reconstruction the only thing that poor white trash had over negroes was the color of their skin that made them better. But after reconstruction that breed of white man found himself in open, direct economic competition with freed negroes – thus they fought to preserve their identity the only way ignorance knows how – by putting down their competition. (As good an explanation as I’ve ever heard and while I don’t condone it, this does make me understand it how it came about.) When Scout accuses Dr. Finch of being cynical with these views, his reply is ,

“Cynical, hell. I’m a healthy old man with a constitutional mistrust of paternalism and government in large doses.” (How many people feel this same way about government today?!!!!  ALOT!)

Another excellent quote from Dr. Finch that is relevant to current society is this doozy:

“The only thing I’m afraid of about this country is that its government will someday become so monstrous that the smallest person in it will be trampled underfoot, and then it wouldn’t be worth living in. The only thing in America that is still unique in this tired world is that a man can go as far as his brains will take him or he can go to hell if he wants to, but it won’t be that way much longer.”

He also says, “What was incidental to the War Between the States is incidental to the issue in the war we’re in now, and is incidental to your own private war.” Here, I think he was referring to the fact that the government has its own personal agenda that has nothing to do with common decency, common sense, or conscience. (Such as the government does things in regards to business interests of its own, i.e. manufacturing v. cotton v. farming, etc.) But there are just allusions and we must make our own opinions on the statements made since it was a draft. (insert irritable sarcasm here.)

Moving on now to Scout’s argument with her father, Atticus also makes some enlightening statements. He said that Jefferson felt that “A man couldn’t vote simply because he was a man, in Jefferson’s eyes. He had to be a responsible man. A vote was a privilege a man attained for himself in a live-and-let-live economy.” Argue how you may, but this makes common sense. I don’t think anyone wants a person out there voting that is ignorant of who and what the vote is for. And if people today thought of it more as a privilege than a right, I think more people would respect and educate themselves about the issues.

In this decade I think Atticus would be a Libertarian or a member of the Tea Party movement because he says, “I’d like very much to be left alone to manage my own affairs in a live-and-let-live economy.” He also tells Scout,

“It might benefit you to go back and look at what some of our founding fathers really believed, instead of relying so much on what people these days tell you they believed.”  GREAT POINT ATTICUS!

Atticus thinks of the NAACP as a group of Yankees who have no clue what is going on in the South or what it is like to live and work there. Atticus says, “I’d like for my state to be left alone to keep house without advice from the NAACP which knows next to nothing about its business and cares less. That organization has stirred up more trouble in the past five years-…” (AND it’s still stirring the pot!) But Atticus is an intelligent, mature man and is okay that his daughter feels differently about these issues. He even encourages her individual thoughts. He tells Scout,

“Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience. There is no such thing as a collective conscience.” (Oh how I wish we could get this through to our current society so we could lose the PC nonsense!)

Atticus did make some other statements that were racist and negative comments that I won’t repeat, but they do reveal a part of him that we (and Scout) didn’t realize before – he’s human and NOT perfect. He does have flaws and that is why Scout is having such a hard time accepting him – she had him fixed in her mind like a God and now here she is discovering he is just a man, flawed like the rest of us. Atticus goes on to explain to Scout that she’s heard some offensive talk since she’d been home but instead of striking it down she’s turned and ran. She’s effectively said, ‘I don’t like the way these people do, so I have no time for them,’ and he tells her, “You better take time honey, otherwise you’ll never grow. You’ll be the same at 60 as you are now.” He goes on to tell her that SHE is the BIGOT. To this she takes extreme offense and pulls out the dictionary to read aloud the definition.

“Bigot”, she read, “Noun. One obstinately or intolerably devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.”

(Ok, who here doesn’t see the IRONY in this???!!! Guess who the ‘Bigots’ are in today society? The ones screaming the loudest that everyone else is that’s who!!!! And they come from both the FAR LEFT and FAR RIGHT in politics. The ones who conveniently forget that the left wing and the right wing are both part of the same bird.)

There is another dichotomy to the story and that is Scout’s relationship with Hank. Henry Clinton was born to white trash and ended up being raised by different people but because of being best friends with Jem in their youth he became forever linked to Atticus who helped guide him to a better life. He actually replaced Jem in Atticus’ law office and was set to become the eventual inheritor of the business. He also had been in love with Scout for a very long time and had been trying to talk her into marrying him. When Scout admits to her Aunt Alexandra that she is seriously considering it, her Aunt blows a fuse and tells her that she can’t because Henry Clinton has white trash roots and Scout is above him. She basically says you don’t inter-marry with that. Later on even her logical Uncle Jack says the same thing. So not only is there still racism alive in Scout’s hometown but there is also ‘classism’ – in which I guess Scout partially agrees with because she never does marry Hank. (She never married in real life either, right? Wonder if it was because the only man she ever loved was from white trash? Doesn’t that seem silly in this day and age?) But in any case, it’s another line of the story that could’ve been developed further to relate more meaningful ideas and dare I say, solutions?

I really hate that Harper Lee didn’t rework this book and turn it into a sequel that offered up the timeless life lessons like TKAM produced, because it seems that she had the seeds to do just that and she left them uncultivated to the disappointment of her many fans.

I’m going to leave this book review with this last little gem from Dr. Finch’s final discussion with Scout.

“Prejudice, a dirty word, and faith, a clean one, have something in common: they both begin where reason ends…It’s one of the oddities of this world.”

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I Have a Nightmare

I am so tired of the Media, Quanell X, Jesse Jackson and the ignorant people who listen to them.  They allow those wretched instigators of treachery to raise frustrations and aggravate situations into violent riots that tear up cities and destroy businesses and law enforcement relationships.  Where is the replacement for Martin Luther King?  We need another voice such as his – a voice of reason and intelligence.

In situations such as what is going on in Baltimore right now, I suggest pulling the Police force out entirely.  If the ignorant blacks there want to destroy their own neighborhoods, then let them.  Allow them to see the consequences of their foolishness.  Allow them to experience what real Anarchy is – I imagine it wouldn’t take too long for them to be begging for the Police to come back and bring order.

Those people whining and screaming injustice the loudest, those people throwing rocks and looting – those are the first people who call the police to save them when their hoodlum friends turn on them or when they experience their liquor fueled domestic disputes.  Then they cry foul when the Police attempt to defend themselves against their drug induced violent attacks.

If the MEDIA continues to ignite tensions by their liberal leaning gossip reports on every single Officer involved tasing, shooting, and any other defense the police deem necessary in their jobs and the LIBERAL socialists get their way – our policemen will no longer be able to defend themselves against criminals – and you know what?  Nobody will want to be a policeman anymore because the job is already DANGEROUS enough.  Why should they put their lives on the line when they get harassed, ridiculed and scrutinized for doing their job?

Yes, there are some bad apples out there that need to be pulled from the force, but for every bad apple there are more brave, courageous men and women who simply want justice and to help society be a safe place to live.

Rioting, looting, screaming, cursing and blaming all law enforcement is not only just ignorant, ridiculous and pointless – it’s dangerous.

Law Enforcement is made up of not only ‘Whites’ – but also many Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Mixed Race people and Women.  So I am not buying into any ‘Police are racist’ bull crap.  Police go after criminals whether they be black, brown or white trash scum.  Having worked as a Police Dispatcher at one point in my life I can say objectively and with experience that they deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis, they are overworked and underpaid, and they are HUMAN BEINGS just like the rest of us.  It would do everyone complaining a world of good to stop and remember that before they start screeching obscenities.

People need to start taking responsibility for their actions instead of throwing blame around like it’s a hot potato.



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Karma Comes Around

I’ve heard a lot lately about ‘Karma’ and ‘people getting what they deserve’ after a recent heart break and bad break-up of one of my children.  Their friends feel strongly about it.  It’s a comforting thought for the bad things people do – to think that they will get what they gave.  But that’s not really what Jesus wants us to do.  He wants us to do the HARD thing of ‘forgiving’ and not judging.  Which, in the end, truly does help the aggrieved person to forgive because it loosens the binds formerly held on them.

But what of people who do bad things and are NOT sorry at all for them.  People who are self-absorbed and only worry about their own feelings without empathy or sympathy for others?  Will “Karma” really get them?  Or, as my brother-in-law Billy says in his East Texas accent, “What comes around, goes around.”  Does it really?

I want to include a spooky story in this blog post where it does.  I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.

The following story is an excerpt from a book where the guy is telling the story of the spooky show he watched on TV as a boy called ‘Night Gallery’ which focused on the dark closets of the human soul.  One particular story stayed with him (as it does with me now!) and I will tell it in quotes straight from the book:

“Josef Strobe is a Nazi war criminal hiding out in South America-Argentina, I imagine.  In spite of his cruel and evil past, his deepest longing is simply to be a fisherman.  His history haunts him, forcing him to live in a world that is dingy and bleak, a vivid contrast to his opulent life while in power.  Always afraid of being caught and constantly on the move, he is a different kind of prisoner than those comrades who were captured years before and condemned for their crimes against humanity.

He stands in front of a beautiful painting of a fisherman in a small boat drifting serenely on a still mountain lake, imagining himself as the man in the boat, free from all the problems that he has created for himself.  Josef is drawn to the painting over and over again.  He asks a forgiving God to give him another chance, a chance to survive, but in truth is asking God to absolve him from his sins while he abdicates all responsibility for his actions.

As he dreams of being the man in the painting, he wonders if, by concentrating all his mind and all his desire, he could enter that picture, leaving behind the life he has created to enter a life he could only dream of.  It’s clear, though, that Josef has never known contrition.  In the midst of his anguish, he runs across a Holocaust survivor who recognizes him as a former guard.  Josef kills the Jewish man and tries to escape by leaving town.

Instead, he is captured after some tense moments.  He escapes and sneaks back into the museum, rushing toward the painting that holds the world he longs to live in.  It is dark not only from the lack of light but from the ominous presence of the moment.  He prays to God to allow him to enter into the painting, then suddenly disappears.  Rushing into the room seconds later, a security guard and a museum official hear muted screams where Josef had stood. The picture of the mountain lake is gone, and the curator explains that the painting of the mountain lake was a loaner.  In its place hangs the image of a man crucified in a concentration camp.  Slowly the camera scans to the picture, and we realize that Josef has taken the place of the person who was crucified.  In a twist of irony, Josef Strobe has found his way back to the world he created.

from Erwin Raphael McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul”Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art“- btw, I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to all artists of any religion.  It is spiritual at times but mostly inspirational and though provoking.


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