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The Invisible Blanket

Everyone needs to have a dream.  A ‘hope‘ of some sort, that keeps them moving forward through the occasional drudgery of everyday life.  As children we might have dreamed of being a Super Hero with magic powers like flying, super strength and being invisible.  Have you ever wished you were invisible?  I think we all have at one point in our lives.  What would you do if you could be invisible?

As adults we might choose to hear private conversations that we weren’t invited to.  Or checking up on teenagers to make sure they are behaving as taught.  But as children, oh, the fun we could have teasing people, right?

When Chance was about 5 years old he loved his super heroes.  He would watch the Batman, Superman and Spiderman movies and cartoons repeatedly.  He played with his action figures, dressed up like them for Halloween and even had Spiderman pajamas with the spider web wings on the back.  (Note:  This was before they made one too many movies and ruined Spiderman for him.)

I still have vivid memories of him playing after bath time in the evenings.  He would run into the living room with his Spidey PJ’s on, do a roll in the middle of the floor, jump up and run to the wall pretending to climb it.  He would straighten his arm, turn his wrist up, point it at you and catch you in his make believe spider web.  The options were endless with his imagination.

One day he went searching for his big brother and found him visiting with my (surprisingly imaginative) husband in his home office.  Trent had been talking to Robert about special abilities before Chance walked in.  Robert glanced at Chance and said,

Well, for example, I have this invisible blanket.  If I were to throw it over top of Chance, you wouldn’t be able to see him.”

He gave Trent a secret look, hoping he would play along but not knowing if a 9 year old would catch on to the game.

Trent has always been quick witted and not only caught on, but played along with Robert.

No way!  I don’t believe you.  I’d have to see it to believe it,” Trent said, acting indignant.

Chance was bursting with excitement.  His grin stretched ear to ear revealing the gap in his front teeth, his blue eyes widened and he jumped up and down.

Yeah!  Throw it on me!  Throw it on me!

Chance still believed in magic, Santa Claus and the possibility of super powers.

Ok, but with special powers comes responsibility.  You can’t do anything that would hurt somebody while you have the invisible blanket on,”  Robert said, in his serious ‘you better behave‘ voice.

With that agreement in place, Robert pretended to throw the invisible blanket over Chance.

Does it work?  Can you see me?  Can you see me?”

Chance was jumping up and down as the excitement bubbled out of him.

Where’d Chance go?” Trent said, faking confusion.

He’s invisible now,” Robert said.

Chance immediately ran over to Trent and poked him in the side.  He laughed his ‘I’m a little devil’ laugh and poked him again.

Now, we can’t see you Chance, but we CAN HEAR you,” said Robert with a smile and a chuckle.

I’m going to get you now,” Trent growled as he jumped toward Chance.

The race was on.  Chance ran under his arms and took off down the hallway with Trent on his heels.  He ran into the kitchen, where I stood by the stove cooking supper, and pinched my leg.

Hey,” I start to scold Chance.

Chance has an invisible blanket on Mom,” explained Trent, grinning big, revealing his dimples and gleaming green eyes.

Well, where is he now?” I ask, looking around as if I couldn’t see him.

The boys played that game for years.  It went way beyond the time that Chance was too old to still believe he was invisible, because, as he said recently,

It was so much fun, I WANTED to believe it still worked.”

Such is life, if you think about it.  We may know a truth, like maybe our dream is to far-fetched to ever come true, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to believe in it, and that maybe it COULD come true.

As adults we may lose the childlike awe at life, yet some of that childish wonder still remains in us all.  It just manifests itself as ‘Hope‘ in adults and the belief that

Dreams can come true‘,

that same belief that our patriotic forefathers held when they founded America.



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Magic Carpet Ride

I could feel the breeze grazing my face, my hair flying wild behind me, as I grasped tightly to a single white sheet and my ipod.  The magic carpet ride hurtled through the sky over a changing landscape of barren rocky mountains and Dr. Seuss like make-believe.  I felt the exhilaration of flying and the tickle you get in your tummy when a roller coaster drops down it’s biggest hill.  My ride began twisting and turning more.  Many times I almost slipped off.  I began to feel some pangs of fear as I realized that I had no control over this ride and it seemed to never stop. It became more dangerous with every slant and slope.  I knew I was losing grip of the sheet. I plummeted through the sky and I had to hold on to my iPod – I could not let it fall.  I began to moan and groan with discomfort when the exhaustion of holding on began to overwhelm me.  I feared that I may drop my iPod and slide off the carpet myself.

I tossed and turned, awakening to my own whimpers.  I untangled myself from the sheet and thin blanket wrapped precariously around my body and fell out of bed onto my feet.  Hobbling like a confused old man, I made my way into the kitchen and turned on my Keurig coffee pot.  Still foggy minded from the strange carpet ride dream I began to brew my first cup of coffee.  It was making a different sound than normal when my mind snapped to realization.  I forgot to put a coffee mug under the dispenser!  Aaaagghhh!  I rushed a cup over in time to capture at least some bolstering brew into the mug.

You know you had a rough night when you need coffee to wake up enough in order to make your coffee!

And what was with that dream anyway?  It was not alcohol nor narcotic induced and I had not had any doings with flying carpets recently.  I can only deduce that it must have some hidden meaning.  And the prominence of the iPod in the dream baffles me as well.

The after effects of a vivid dream can be haunting – And since this happened yesterday and I still have it hovering in my mind, I think this dream will be intruding on my psyche for awhile.

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Weird Dreams

I’m not sure what a dream interpretation book would say about the dream I had last night, but it sure was a doozy.  It just started off strange, with my family and myself going to some type of local play at the college town I grew up in as a child.  For some reason we had to stop by some people’s house who were some type of animal caretakers and we visited with some people we knew (who were from my current town of residence) and when we went outside there were so many people leaving the theater and college students rushing around that I got lost in the crowd and separated from my family.  The next thing I knew I was being pushed onto some train with a crowd of strangers.  After riding the train a short distance , the doors of the train opened and I exited noticing a carnival in the distance near a mountain (that looked nothing like the town I grew up in) so now I had no clue where I was.  While looking at the lights of the carnival I noticed a huge Ferris wheel – like the world’s biggest Ferris wheel in Singapore.  I exclaimed amazement at it and then the next thing I knew some type of piping popped out from it and a trapeze artist began swinging in a huge arcs around with the Ferris wheel.  I like a little excitement and thrills in rides but even I knew in my dream that this would be terrifying.  The ropes he was swinging from stretched so far out that when he was at the top of his arc he was nearly touching the clouds.  When the ride stopped and he stepped off I noticed that his wrists had been tied to the ropes so he couldn’t fall while looping around and I made the mistake of saying “Oh, well then that wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.”  Which made people around decide that I would be the next one to ride!  I don’t know how they got me hooked up but in my dream I remember circling around and as I got to the top of the arc being scared to death but I just held on to the ropes and let my body dangle from the far and as I started the downhill part my stomach started to drop like going down the hill on a roller coaster.  But then I realized that it wasn’t that scary, it was actually kind of fun.  That’s when I started enjoying the ride to that the next time I was up near the clouds I stretched out my body like I was flying like superman and went down that way, laughing and whooping and hollering.  Every time I’d loop around my stomach would drop a little like the roller coaster ride but then the fear would turn into fun again.

Strange, but fun dream.  Don’t know why I dreamed it…haven’t seen any carnivals lately…


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