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Holiday Concerts

Tis the season for jingle bells and Christmas music.  This is C.D.’s first year of band so we were able to go see his junior high Christmas Band Concert last night.  It was at the new Fine Arts center here in town.  A very nice building (thanks to our tax dollars) but the audience was only a 1/2 to 3/4 full and the parking lot was over capacity.  Just like our silly town leaders to build a nice new building and then forget that it needs adequate parking for the people who will be attending events there.  I don’t understand why the ‘powers that be’ can’t seem to think things through.  Duh!

Poor parking aside – the concert was great.  Unfortunately C.D. doesn’t play an instrument that sits him up front so the only part of him we could see from the audience was the top of his Bassoon.  But we took pictures afterwards and I have to say he looked really sharp in his ‘dressed up’ clothes.  I had bought him the outfit the day before and when his brother saw it he said “Oooh, you’re gonna be looking fly!”  I laughed and said “Yeah, all the girls will be following you around.”  C.D. just grinned and said, “There’s this girl in my first period class and that’s all she does now – she just follows me everywhere I go!”  He’s such a little ladies man.  Last Sunday at church a little girl, not even 2 years old yet, latched on to him in the pew.  She kept bringing him drawings and touching him and smiling.  It was so cute.  Younger, older, the same age, it doesn’t matter, all the girls seem to like that boy.  Can’t say I blame them, he is a sweetheart, and he’s funny.  The kind of ‘Random’ funny where you end up laughing when you didn’t expect to.  For instance, the other day I was in the living room watering our Christmas tree while  i heard a clunk in the other room.  As I glanced over he was just walking in a circle.  I said “What in the world are you doing?”  He said “I’m just getting my exercise.”  Naturally, I go investigate the noise and sure enough, there on floor is our little block of wood that was a souvenir from Kentucky that has printed on the top of it:

Exercise Block

1.  Place block on floor

2.  Walk around it twice

3.  SIT DOWN! Relax

Congratulations – You have just walked around the block twice!

He makes me smile quite often with little things like that.

The other two kids have a good sense of humor too.  T.D. likes to do this little dance where he sticks his butt out, shakes his hips and swings his head like he has long hair (which he doesn’t, he always keeps his hair cut really short) to some pop songs that T.J. likes.  She loves watching him do it and always says “Do your dance!”  The fun comes in because she wants me to see him but he always makes sure I’m looking the other way and when I turn, he stops.  (This normally happens in the kitchen while I am cooking.)  She gets so frustrated, “Oh Man!  You missed it again!”  Well, yesterday when we were all in the kitchen and the radio was playing he started doing the dance again.  He stopped when Tara hollered “Look Mama!”  But I tricked him this time.  I knew he would do it again because it was just the beginning of the song.  I was standing by the fireplace and started acting like I was picking my teeth with a toothpick in the mirror above it but I was actually watching him.  So when he started doing the dance again I yelled “I saw it!!! I saw you in the mirror!”  while jumping up and down and letting out a ‘whoop!’ I was tickled pink.  He wasn’t.  “Oh NO!  I can’t believe you caught me!  Awww!”

Just another example of how Moms have eyes in the back of their head!  haha.


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