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Writing a Novel (in 1 Month)!

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and this year I thought it would be a crazy, wacky idea for me to try.  Most likely I will write crap, but hey, practice makes perfect right?  Or, in the very least, practice makes you better.  I want to try it, but at this point, I don’t even have a fleeting idea of what kind of novel to write, much less the story to fill it.  I’m crossing my fingers that when I sit down and begin typing November 1st that the God of writing will send magic waves into my mind that turns into a story on the page.  But what to attempt?  A Mystery, a drama, some type of teen story, a pre-teen fantasy story, or something ‘Shady’ (romance with an edge), Horror, Suspense, Memoir….so many to choose….where to start?  I enjoy reading almost everything so saying to write what you read is no help to me.

So tell me, what is your vote?  What would you like to read if I wrote it?  I’m taking suggestions for the next few days.

If nothing else at the end of November I will just title my book “Crap” and shove it in a box somewhere.



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