I have a confession to make….hello, I am a book junkie.  Books, books and more books.  I LOVE books.  Fiction, non-fiction, I must have more.  I am always reading at least 3 different books at once.  A couple of nonfiction books that make me think and the fiction books where I can escape into another realm living vicariously through some character magically imagined in someone’s mind.  I even have lists of books that I want to read and books that I have already read.  I have shelves and shelves of books that I have read and/or want to read.  And I always want more.

My kids hate going into a bookstore with me because they know through experience that it’s going to take awhile.  I just love to browse the shelves in search of that special book that I MUST read.  I love going to the library book sales and finding unexpected little cheap treasures.  I love searching the books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and researching them – comments and opinions.  I have wish lists on both web sites.

I keep telling myself – “Self, do not buy any more books until you have read all of the books you already own!”  But my Self cannot be stopped.  I am greedy in my reading like a fat man at an all you can buffet.

I’ve considered adding another tab to my blog with my long list of favorite books and why they should be read by others – but then second guessed it, because who would care to read that?

I own a Nook so I have many books on it as well.  It works great when the rest of my household desires the room to be pitch black for the non-glare television experience and all I want to do is READ MORE.  Because sometimes life does have to stop so you can finish that book you’re inside of.  Sometimes you just have to ‘solve that mystery‘ before you can do anything else.  (I do not recommend the Nook to anyone else though, as I have found out through my research of comments I am not the only one to have problems with the charging plug.  It seems to be a common problem to Nooks.  I do not know why the company has not fixed this problem as of 2 weeks ago more than 230 people actually posted complaints on their website about it, so they know.)

Yes, some women collect shoes with joyful abandon, but I, the dragonfly, I collect BOOKS.  If I become depressed with life, all I have to do is go to our local library and browse the shelves of books to find a sense of peace and belonging.  Maybe I’m weird, but I’ve loved books since before I could read.  I wanted to learn how to read so bad that before I had schooling to teach me, I would open up books and make up my own words to the pictures.

Sometimes I even crave books.  I can’t imagine my life without books.  Yes, I am a ‘bookworm’.

Today I updated my wishlist on Amazon and discovered that some of the books were almost ‘out of stock’ (aagghhh!)  Of course, I had to order them before they were gone forever!  I even scored the very last copy of one.  But I did buy more than I should’ve.  I’ve outlawed myself from buying any more books for the rest of the year because of this.  Oh, except for the new Michael Connolly book coming out in the fall.  And the short story one on ebooks next month.  Except for those two – no more buying books!  I can do this – right?

God forgive me…I am a book junkie

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  1. Millie

    I don’t know of anything any better to be besides a fishing junking.

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