Why Dragonfly?

Everyone thinks butterflies are beautiful.  It’s easy to see their beauty as it is so obvious by the vibrant colors on their fluttering wings.

Dragonflies are a different story.  It’s not always easy to see how beautiful they are and many people simply glance at them and think ‘bug.’  But if you stop and watch a dragonfly and take a closer look you can see how the light catches their fragile wings and displays colors just as beautiful as the butterfly.  You just have to slow down and take a closer look to find the beauty of dragonflies.  I love dragonflies.

Plus, there was that movie put out a long time ago starring Kevin Costner called “Dragonfly” and in it his wife has died but is basically using dragonflies (because she loved them) as a way to contact Kevin from beyond to wake him up and make him find out what she needs him to know.  Everyone needs some kind of symbol like this to represent themselves that way they can use it the same way (lol).  So, after I die, every time you see a dragonfly – BAM! – you’ll think of me! 🙂


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