My Bucket List

“Every avalanche starts with the movement of a single snowflake”

I’ve made several of these lists over the past few years but I keep losing them.  I’ve already been able to check a lot of things/places off the list so I will just publish my latest and ‘not done yet’ here.  And as time goes by I have deleted some things from my list because I simply do not care to do them anymore.  Now that I have hit my mid-40’s, I have lost the zeal, curiosity and energy that previously made me want to place an item on a bucket list.  Therefore, instead of getting shorter because I am accomplishing items on my list, it’s now getting shorter because I no longer care to do them at all!  How’s that for inspiration?  Haha.  There is a moral to this story kids; Live an active life while you are young because there will come a day when the effort is not worth the outcome.  Growing up ain’t all that, lol.

1.  Start my own Blog (still in the process of figuring all this out…)

2.  Skydive

3.  Parasailing

4.  Paddleboarding

5.  Go on a Mission work trip



6.  Hike part of the Appalachian Trail

7.  Write a book

8.  See the Aurora Borealis (and other parts of Alaska)

9.  Visit a ‘Real’ Indian Reservation (as opposed to a casino one 🙂

10.  Learn how to paint (as in Art that someone would actually want to hang on a wall…)

11.  Tour New Orleans (specifically the historical homes)

12.  Tour the Holy Lands

13.  See a professional football game at Reliant Stadium in Houston

14.  Watch all three of my children graduate college

15.  Drive a Race car – fast…really fast!

16.  Go to Savannah, Georgia and take a ghost story tour of the historic homes

17.  See a Whooping Crane up close

New Beginnings