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For her birthday this year as one of her gifts my daughter received a pedicure.  So, when I scheduled it, naturally, I scheduled one for myself too.  To expand the joy and all that.  I’d never gone to the place where it was so when we walked in I wasn’t too surprised to see all the workers of Asian descent.  I also wasn’t surprised that I couldn’t understand what they were saying and had to say “What?” any time they spoke to me.  My daughter did too.  The language divide was quite noticeable to all.  We couldn’t help but giggle about it later as we wondered what they were saying in their native tongue to each other.  “Look at the nasty feet I have to do!”  “Goofy white girls don’t understand English?!!!”  lol.

They did a good job though and it was nice to relax in the massage chairs playing with different settings while they took care of our feet.  I love sugar scrub massages but always cringe when the toe nail filing is going on.  My little toes have issues against people touching them.   Tara and I giggled as this was going on because she is the same way.  At any rate, when we walked out our toenails were pretty sparkling pink colors and we were happier gals for having done it.


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