Z: My Journal of Reading the Entire Bible in this Year

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I’m doing this to hold myself accountable, let’s see how it works out.  One of the things I’ve been trying to do ever since I was a teenager was to read the bible in its entirety.  I’ve read a lot of it; but never the ENTIRE book.  I would always get bogged down in the old testament with things I didn’t understand or that simply made no sense to my 20th century mind. (or 21st, whatever, lol).  I’ve tried several different ‘Read the Bible in One Year‘ books where they have sections for you to read each day.  Great idea in theory but in actuality I’d always give up by the time summer rolled around.

I began blaming the archaic text as my problem so when I heard about ‘The Message’ (the bible story retold in more common language) I jumped on it.  Didn’t finish.

Then I decided I needed the Chronological Bible because the Bible confused me because of it not necessarily being in order of the time things happened.  Once again, I got bogged down in summer time and never finished.  Life kept happening and the books all got put off to the side when a sudden house cleaning fit would hit me and before I knew about it they were forgotten on the shelf.

Then I found out about a new book, simply called ‘The Story’ which is supposed to be the story of the Bible – told in easier to understand language in story form.  I love to read stories, so I thought – this is my ticket.  But since I’ve gotten so bogged down with the old testament previously, maybe I’ll just find where the New Testament starts and begin there.  I thought that was a grand idea.  Somehow, this book also got put aside in a cleaning fit and forgotten about before very much was read by myself.

So, imagine my delight when the church I attend announced it would begin a study of ‘The Story’ and we would all be reading the book together.  Each week another chapter and the sermons and bible study classes would be about it too.  Our small groups would be discussing it as well.  Now, this should help me to finally achieve my goal.  Not only that, but I will be reading it with my family and friends so that we will all be able to help each other through.

This started January 1st, 2013.  There has been a lot of sickness in our household this year so my available time has not been there to add this page to my Blog – but I am doing it now.  I have to catch up so I may abbreviate the first 8 chapters this week just so I can get this page up to speed with the current chapter.  Let’s see how this goes and wish me luck!

Since I’m no techno wizard and don’t understand exactly how this Blog/Page thing works, I’ve concluded that the easiest, quickest way for me to do this blog is to start a new one.  So I will be setting it up and adding it’s name here so you can refer to it/find it.  It’s subject matter will be directly related to reading the Bible, spirituality and understanding of Christianity – from my perspectives, opinions.  Hopefully, both you and I will be able to see how I grow and learn on my spiritual quest.


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