I’m Back!

It’s been so long since I have blogged the whole site has changed so please forgive me as I re-learn everything. And could someone explain to me why technology has to constantly change! Upgrades my *ss – it’s all a racket to make more money. At least I still get to blog here for free. (*knocks on wood.)

So much has happened since I last blogged, I’m not sure where to start. Most exciting news:  We are now the proud owners of ‘The Dragonfly Ranch’ in Thomaston, Texas, perfectly situated between Victoria and Cuero, it’s an easy 12-15 minute drive away from our home. My darling husband Robert has been having a blast shredding and doing work with his big orange tractor (which I re-named his ‘Mistress’ and he affectionately calls ‘Big D’ lol). It’s 140 acres of blissful get-a-way from town where we can hunt, work and play on the 4 wheelers.  I prefer riding my 4 wheeler and snapping photos of the flora and fauna and wildlife and yes, LOTS of dragonflies.  There is a nice barn for storage and an old craftsman style ranch house that would be an ok deer hunting cabin.

As far as the kiddos go, Trent is still going to college in San Marcos at Texas State, hoping to finish in a year. He ran into a little trouble last spring because of one annoying roommate who pushed his buttons and last nerve, causing Trent to get into his 1st ever fist fight. That redheaded temper can only take so much. Hopefully he learned a life lesson that some people really aren’t worth the trouble and remembers it when he has to deal with POS people.  Tara is still working full time at the JC Penney’s Salon in the Victoria Mall and taking college Business classes. She is actually considering continuing on to get a Business Marketing degree now that she has a Business Management Certificate. She also met a really nice young man who she can’t seem to get enough of and they are a cute couple. He is respectful and polite, he has good job and is reliable and dependable, so really – we are very happy for her.  Chance got hurt again playing football this year, but at least he got to actually play a few games before being out for the rest of the season. He suffered a severely bruised knee & thigh bones and a sprained ankle with contusions. We suffered yet another thousands of dollars in Doctor bills. He’s been cleared for sports now and is in Power Lifting.  He’s still struggling to make his grades at the private school but is learning so much and will hopefully be better prepared for college.

We had many visitors over the summer which was a nice change but also kept me busy cleaning and washing sheets etc. so I never really had any down time to sit down blog. Not that I have a whole lot of time now, I’ve become horrible inefficient at time management and scatterbrained with focus. Once you hit your forties your body starts letting you down, breaking down and your vision goes caput. I spent $82 for a top last week because I didn’t have my glasses on to read the price and my bad eyes thought it said $38. I was horrified by my mistake and disgusted with my eyesight. I need bifocals but wearing glasses all of the time hurts my head so I’m at a crossroads – headache or mistakes?

I joined a bunco group that plays once a month which is fun and good for the old foggy brain. I also signed on as a Young Living essential oils wholesaler, so hey, if you are in the need of oils you can get them from me! I love using them. I prefer using them in a diffuser as their fragrances are better than candles. But they also have some great ones to mix with hair products for hair growth and healthiness (because, yeah when you get older your hair starts to fall out too!) and sore muscles and such. I could go on and on but I’ll stop for now. This is a topic to delve into later. Pinterest explains much and gives tons of recipes though, hint, hint.

Enough for now, I want to see how this turns out. And stay tuned for the next blog post, I will share a funny story telling on my stupid self, lol.





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One response to “I’m Back!

  1. Lynn Chizmar

    Hey Deana,
    Love hearing about you and the family. One day I will get to Texas and come visit my army buddy.

    Your North Carolina friend and buddy,
    Lynn Chizmar

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