NFL Sports Suck

The owners of NFL teams complain about fans being fickle – HA! They cause this – one day they are all for a player and/or coach and the next they dismiss them from the team. We are expected to pay outrageous, overpriced hard earned cash to sit in the stands or just wear one of our favorite player’s jerseys, then all of a sudden – POOF! That player/coach is no longer a part of the team we were rooting for and the jersey/# is worthless- but wait – there’s more changes – and, well – what team are we raving about? Because half the players have changed and we no longer know who is playing for which team, wait a minute? Was I going for this player, or this other team, or that Coach…I’m confused.

Such is life if you pay any attention to American NFL Football – and anyone who doesn’t – well, I will tell you now, don’t waste your time – It’s just another money pit – a heartless, soulless, business that only wants your money – I tried to like it for the sake of having teenage boys who LOVED football and played it and if I wanted to have a conversation with them I needed to know what was going on in the NFL and have a somewhat idea of football plays and positions.

And while I do have an appreciation for the intricacies and intelligence of specific plays and their execution – I no longer have any appreciation for the NFL. The actual game of football , yes – but once the ‘professionals’ get involved – no – it’s all about money and don’t let anyone tell you any different because that would be a lie.

Cheating? Oh, if you can get away with it (PATRIOTS) sure – go ahead – be a winner. Cheat all you want and make extra money. Beat your wives, rape your girlfriends, but don’t whip your child’s butt for misbehaving, because that’s just going too far. (I digress, that’s not the Patriots of course, only other teams get in trouble for that) The NFL decides on punishment with a roulette wheel – there is no rhyme or reason – probably it amounts to who pays the people  in charge the right amount of money – yes, I said it.  They allow thieves and other criminals to be leaders of teams and then act surprised when other team members get arrested for ‘real people’ crimes.

I really tried. I tried hard to understand the love of football that my boys had – and I say had because they have come to realize much of the same things I have – football coaches these days have much going against them – the main thing being FACTS. If you aren’t tall enough, big enough, or black enough, then you don’t stand much of a chance playing football. They can scream about heart and team as much as they desire – but the facts remain the same – and anyone who watches or pays any attention to the sport of football knows the deal. Athleticism, is the first and utmost importance, but who you know, do you know how to cheat and get away with it, color of your skin (yes, black people rule in football), but it really all comes down to luck in the long run. Because Coaches stack their teams the best they can, and smart coaches rule their teams with great plays both offensive and defensive, but the BIG thing – the one that EVERYYONE conveniently forgets – is that IT TAKES AN ENTIRE TEAM of people working together – there is not one star that can make a winning team – it takes multiple people and that right there my friend is the biggest challenge for all sports, professional and other. (Because when a team gets a ‘star’ athlete they tend to forget about every other player – thus the eventual downfall of all).

Everyone likes to place blame on the quarterbacks, running backs, or in some cases the entire defense (or pitchers, catchers, hitters, for baseball, you get my point) for any loss – BUT there is not ONE person to blame – it takes an entire team. ALL positions must work together, including Coaches. Including Owners who think they know and push their ideals when they don’t have enough experience to boss people around who should be allowed to make the decisions that make a difference in a great team working together and just a team that was randomly picked for nefarious reasons of an egotistical owner. (Do I have to say Jerry Jones for example?)

Yes, I said it. Does anyone have the balls to prove me wrong?

Ah, don’t bother – there are too many other things of relevance I can do besides waste my time watching criminals make money on national TV. Oh crap, there’s still more political debates though – same difference, different game.


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  1. robert mabe

    Well Said…..

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