Down the Dark Road, Part 2

If you haven’t read the 1st part of this fiction story yet, you should page down and check it out.  Due to popular demand, I have written some more.  And as a happy birthday present to my Mom (Happy Birthday Mom!)

here it goes:

Loretta sucked in a deep breath with fear and tightened her grip on Mick.  He simply cursed and banged the flashlight on his leg.  Their truck’s headlights were pointed in the other direction and were no help in seeing into the empty darkness ahead of them.  They had left their doors open and Loretta could still hear the soft waves of the song playing on the radio in their truck.  Eerily, the music playing was the Eagles classic, “One of these nights…I swear I’m gonna find ya…get’cha baby one of these nights…”

Loretta’s flesh immediately goose pimpled and it wasn’t from the outdoor temperature.  She forgot about the music when she heard a snarling growl emanate from the darkness.  Mick cursed again and banged the flashlight so hard that it left a painful knot on his leg.  It flickered back on at that moment and the couple found themselves staring into the glowing, glaring eyes of an unknown creature.  It looked almost like a cross between a wolf, coyote and a hairless cat.  It hunched its back up as it struggled to  maintain its posture on all four ugly legs.  It snarled at the shocked couple revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth reminiscent of an angry wolf.

“What the hell is that thing?”  Loretta said in a shaky voice.

“I can’t tell.  It looks like it has the mange all over its body.  I haven’t ever seen anything like it before,” said Mick.  “Maybe it’s one of those ‘chupacabra’ things?”

“Normally, I’d say that’s nonsense, Mick.  But I read an article in the newspaper the other day that said some of the neighboring farmers have been finding their livestock dead…they couldn’t explain it because all of the blood was drained from the animals, but they were otherwise in tact.  Some of ’em were saying a chupacabra was the only animal known to do that.  Other than vampires anyways.”

Whatever it was, the animal, while definitely angry, also seemed fearful of the humans.  There was something about the creature that was sad.  Even Mick, a seasoned hunter,  felt a pang of pity for it.  At least he felt sorry for it until it lunged at him, slobber flying from its snarling mouth.  It was so lightening fast that it took Mick off guard a moment.  Before he realized it, the animal had its mouth around his forearm.  From that point on, Mick saw everything as if in slow motion.  He could hear Loretta screaming while at the same time the painful bite caused him to drop his flashlight.  He also knew he needed the light to shoot and kill the animal before it did any more damage. The sharp crack of his pistol echoed into the night.



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3 responses to “Down the Dark Road, Part 2

  1. millie

    Well that was very good. Maybe it will be a novel some day.

  2. robert steel

    OK already, when do we get part 3???????

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