I’m back Jack!

After taking the summer off from my blogging adventures, I have decided to jump back on that blog wagon with trumpets blasting, guns blazing and natives screaming obscure language.  Okay, I exaggerate.  But I am writing again.

Why did I stop, you ask?  Because I was a busy Mama with 3 kids out of school, one of which needed extra attention and help preparing all the paperwork necessary of graduating high school and going on to attend college (a 3 hour drive away from home no less.)  Additionally, we were having a pool put into our back yard.  Construction distractions such as workers constantly snipping cable and internet lines do tend to cause interruptions.

Oh yeah, then I had a little operation called a ‘hysterectomy’ that required me to basically do nothing but read & watch TV while spacing out on painkillers for a few weeks.  (It was’t so bad at first, since I LOVE reading.  But once I read so much I strained my eyes and started getting headaches, well, then I was forced to flip through the TV channels in a fruitless endeavor to find something worth watching.  More on that later…)

To that end, Ms. Teacher, my essay about how I spent my summer can be summarized as follows:     I helped send my oldest son off to college, had a swimming pool/hot tub put into the back yard, had a hysterectomy and recovered from surgery.  Somewhere in there I had a birthday and turned 43.  

So continues the blog of this middle-aged mother/wife/writer…stay tuned for more episodes.  Feel free to share your summer’s highlights.  But who can beat a kid to college/new pool/hysterectomy combo? I dare you.



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2 responses to “I’m back Jack!

  1. robert mabe

    I will accept that dare. I also helped get my oldest son off to college, I also had a pool/hot tub installed in my back yard. I did not have any surgery, however I did support my beautiful wife who did have surgery and I ran the household for her while she was down. SO how does that compare.
    Love ya

  2. Millie Russom

    I can’t beat that.

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