Awards Ceremony

Monday night our family went to an awards ceremony at the local high school.  Our graduating senior was receiving multiple awards, i.e.:  a Booster club scholarship, a physical education award and the big one:  graduating ‘Cum Laude’ from his high school class.  That was the big deal, he was rated like #26 out of a class of almost 400, so I felt like that was a great honor and we wanted to be there for his accolades.  Unfortunately for us, that meant we had to sit through the whole show.  It was in the gym so that meant sitting in the uncomfortably hard bleachers for 2 1/2 hours.  Listening to many different speakers give many different (I say ridiculous in some cases) awards.  Really, how does ‘being the most improved‘ qualify?  Doesn’t that just mean that you started out sucking but in the end, you caught up with everyone else?  Isn’t that what is supposed to happen if you start out sucking?  And why do we need a ‘most improved’ for every stinkin’ subject for every grade?  I understand giving top honor awards, but come on – you gotta draw the line somewhere.  And is there really such a thing as a “$50 scholarship” ?  Yes, and probably about 50 kids were honored with them.  I don’t know that it was worth $50 to sit through that ceremony.  I question that there are better ways of earning $50 lousy bucks.    ($50 won’t even pay for a 2 day parking pass where our son is going to college...)

We tried to entertain ourselves by poking some fun at the program.  Giggling at the girls that were trying to walk up and accept awards in 10″ heels that they had obviously never walked in before.  Then over-applauding the one smart girl who actually took her shoes off to walk up there rather than totter precariously.  At one point my husband snapped a photo with his phone camera of the spaced out looks on the faces of my daughter and I.  We were able to giggle extensively at that picture because we had the same exact pouty look on our faces and the family resemblance was so obvious as to make it comical.  Crazy haphazard thoughts crossed our minds.  At one point my daughter looked at me and said, “Mama, did you know that if you shake a baby too hard you could kill it or make it retarded?”  This was a fact she had learned in her health class that had evidently stuck with her.  The thought that kept running through my mind was:  “This stupid bleacher isn’t helping my hemorrhoid any!”  Which in turn, caused me to share that information with Tara, who quickly replies, “Yep.  If you have babies you get hemorrhoids!  Yuck!”  Nobody ever told me that before I had babies.  I guess that’s good cuz I might’ve stopped at one instead of having three.  And since my daughter Tara was the 2nd born then I wouldn’t be sitting there with her having that fascinating conversation!

In the end, we congratulated Trent on his accomplishments and rushed out the doors to get home.  There was supposed to have been  cookies and punch for everyone at the end, but by that time so many other people had left early and in the process devoured everything, that there were no treats left to be had and empty punch bowls.  Which was too bad because all evening my mind kept going back to those yummy chocolate thumbprint cookies they had displayed and I was looking forward to sticking one into my mouth.  My saliva glands were severely disappointed.

But my pride in our son’s accomplishments remained in tact.  And that was what is was about, after all.


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3 responses to “Awards Ceremony

  1. Mom

    Pretty funny about Tara. It’s good they told them about shaking a baby because they didn’t tell us that in school although I didn’t shake any of you all anyway. I’m glad I didn’t.

  2. Kariann Dunn

    Awesome! I want to read more! Love you!!!

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