Delusional Demons of Knowledge (aka: the Know-It-All)

I find people who think they ‘know-it-all‘ some of the most annoying inhabitants on earth.  Like those who, without being asked, offer their advice and order you to take it, like they are some Life Coach Drill Sargent.  It’s impossible to argue with them because they are so closed minded to the possibility that they do not already know everything. And they never think they are wrong.   There are days when it seems these people even purposely choose to disagree with you simply because you made an innocent statement.  For instance, if I were to say “I think a salad would be nice for lunch today.”  This other person would say, “Oh No!  Live a little already!  Eat a hamburger!”  Five minutes later I could say, “Ya know, I think I’ll eat a hamburger,” then the imbecile would immediately say, “You should really eat healthier, you need to eat the salad.”


I simply choose to avoid people like this as much as possible but when ‘they‘ are a family member there is no choice but to have to listen to their nonsense.  When this happens I try to think of positive affirmations such as:

Do not strangle this person.  No, do not strangle this person!” or

If I keep my mouth shut, will they shut theirs?” or

This person is a blubbering idiot who doesn’t know what in the hell they are talking about.  Look away, think about baby bunnies and puppies – little people on tricycles, have they stopped talking yet?”

In my youth I would attempt to enlighten these people thinking that I might shed some insight into their little minds of the possibility that someone else might be right or that it is okay to agree to disagree.  Then, I matured and learned the futility of it.  Now I no longer waste my breath on closed minded morons.  Nor do I waste my breath on people who really don’t care about what others think because they are too self absorbed to comprehend anyone else’s emotions.  Or the people who have the tendency to turn every conversation back to their own life.  Or the people that  consistently blame others or issue judgments on others.  Or the people insistent on ‘tooting their own horn’, bragging constantly about themselves (or their kids, ick).

(Funny, I don’t seem to have many spoken conversations with people anymore!  ha ha.)

But it’s the people that spew their ideas out as if they were anointed leader of all humanity, the ones who have the innate need to vomit their egocentric opinions into society without using any brainpower to contemplate their thoughts before exiting their mouth, those people irritate and aggravate my otherwise peaceful mind when I get stuck listening to them.

Is there a way to stop this senseless barrage before the words become so unbearable you have knots in your neck and an overwhelming desire for a shot of alcohol?  Is there some advice out there that can help me out of these frustrating situations before my head explodes into tiny letters that spell out aaaahhhhgggggggggggg!!!!!  ?

I am sure we’ve all encountered those busy body exasperating know-it-alls – how do you handle them?


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6 responses to “Delusional Demons of Knowledge (aka: the Know-It-All)

  1. robert mabe

    I handled it by marrying you. So that you could remind me of my downfalls. Sorry, Sweetie. I will try harder to do better. I love you.

  2. How do I handle them? I try to tactfully tell them that they don’t know everything, and if that doesn’t work, I avoid them. And, perhaps most importantly, I work very hard not to be one of them!

    • I can’t tactfully tell someone they don’t know everything without sarcasm oozing out of my voice 🙂 At least I haven’t been able to yet…and I’ve never considered you like that, so no worries there!

      • Well, thank you. And I’m with you on the sarcasm thing. It’s hard to pull off. On the rare occasion I feel I need to, I try to say it before distancing myself from the person. I’m always hopeful that people will grow given the opportunity. (I’m also often disappointed…)

  3. Millie Russom

    I get angry and really frustrated. Only one person in my family is like that and you know who she is. I think I know who yours is too.

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