Magic Carpet Ride

I could feel the breeze grazing my face, my hair flying wild behind me, as I grasped tightly to a single white sheet and my ipod.  The magic carpet ride hurtled through the sky over a changing landscape of barren rocky mountains and Dr. Seuss like make-believe.  I felt the exhilaration of flying and the tickle you get in your tummy when a roller coaster drops down it’s biggest hill.  My ride began twisting and turning more.  Many times I almost slipped off.  I began to feel some pangs of fear as I realized that I had no control over this ride and it seemed to never stop. It became more dangerous with every slant and slope.  I knew I was losing grip of the sheet. I plummeted through the sky and I had to hold on to my iPod – I could not let it fall.  I began to moan and groan with discomfort when the exhaustion of holding on began to overwhelm me.  I feared that I may drop my iPod and slide off the carpet myself.

I tossed and turned, awakening to my own whimpers.  I untangled myself from the sheet and thin blanket wrapped precariously around my body and fell out of bed onto my feet.  Hobbling like a confused old man, I made my way into the kitchen and turned on my Keurig coffee pot.  Still foggy minded from the strange carpet ride dream I began to brew my first cup of coffee.  It was making a different sound than normal when my mind snapped to realization.  I forgot to put a coffee mug under the dispenser!  Aaaagghhh!  I rushed a cup over in time to capture at least some bolstering brew into the mug.

You know you had a rough night when you need coffee to wake up enough in order to make your coffee!

And what was with that dream anyway?  It was not alcohol nor narcotic induced and I had not had any doings with flying carpets recently.  I can only deduce that it must have some hidden meaning.  And the prominence of the iPod in the dream baffles me as well.

The after effects of a vivid dream can be haunting – And since this happened yesterday and I still have it hovering in my mind, I think this dream will be intruding on my psyche for awhile.


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