A Trip to the Beach Brings a Life Lesson to Learn

All summer long my daughter has been begging me to take her to the beach.  For one reason or another it was put off for another day.  Wednesday she asks me, ever so sweetly, “Mama, since we’re not doing anything tomorrow, do you think we could go to the beach?  I could drive my car so you don’t have to get your new one all dirty.”  I have no excuses not to go this time and quite frankly, I’ve been wanting to go to the beach myself.  Thursday morning we’re loading up her little RAV4 with a cooler, beach towels and snacks and ready to make the 100 mile drive to Port Aransas (which isn’t the closest beach to us but is definitely the best – All of Padre Island has the best beaches in Texas).

The drive proves longer than normal because Tara is still learning to drive on her permit and she is a very cautious driver.  Not a speed demon weaving in and out of traffic like myself.  I had her pull over before we got to the Ferry landing so we could switch places.  I knew she wouldn’t feel comfortable driving onto the ferry and I didn’t want her driving on the beach in the sand.  I enjoy the ferry ride across the Corpus Christi Channel as long as there isn’t a long wait time (I have found that my middle aged self abhors waiting in long lines.)  We were lucky with no waiting, especially on the way back across because we were able to drive straight up and onto the Ferry, all the way to the very front end.  Tara said “I’m so glad you’re driving!  I could never drive up that close to the edge!”  I laughed and said “Well, what would you have done then?”  She said “I’d be shaking my head ‘No’ and not do it!”  And the funny thing about that is, I can picture her doing just that!  And because she’s so blasted cute the guy working the Ferry would feel sorry for her and let her get away with it!

Once at the beach we enjoyed sunning (even though the sand kept blowing into our faces) and sitting at the edge of the water building sand castles.  We played in the waves although the salty water burned my eyes so bad I felt nearly blind.  Takes some of the fun  out of riding the waves when your eyes feel like battery acid was poured into them!  I love the sound of the waves crashing onto shore but after 3 hours I knew the sizzling Texas sun would start wrecking havoc on our pale skin so we set off for home.

When we arrived to our hometown I explained to Tara how we would have to go straight to the car-wash so she would wash all the sand off of her vehicle.  Then when we got home and unloaded, she had to vacuum all of the sand out of her car.  I also had to help me to do the laundry (sandy beach towels and blanket).   After it was all said and done she said “I like going to the beach but, gee, it sure is a lot of work!”

Bam!  Life lesson learned:  Nothing good in life comes without work.

And I learned my lesson too, as when I got home I immediately went to use the toilet and as I pulled my bathing suit down a ton of sand fell all over the seat rim!

Life lesson #2:  After beach fun always take off swim suit inside the shower so you don’t make a sandy mess somewhere else!


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3 responses to “A Trip to the Beach Brings a Life Lesson to Learn

  1. The beaches sound beautiful! I love the life lessons especially the swimming custome one. I have found that I still have sand in a couple of them after not taking them off in the shower. :o)

  2. Millie

    Pretty cute. Glad you had a good time.

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