My Opinion on Current Volatile Subject Matter

There is much hoopla in the news lately and rather than spout off my opinion to the Facebook crowd I decided it would be better writing practice to state my opinion here.  And plus, I won’t have to read all the irate posts of people who disagree with me for whatever reason, ha ha.

First of all, I find it extremely sad that a crazed person could be so over come with evil that he would go into a movie theater and just pointlessly kill (re: Colorado tragedy).  But I don’t for one minute believe that not allowing Americans to legally buy guns would in any way prevent future such tragedies from occurring.  Because when crazy evil people decide to go on rampages where sanity is not an option there is no law that will stop them.  Not allowing people to buy weapons will not make the weapons suddenly disappear!  It’s against the law to do drugs but that doesn’t make the drugs all of sudden stop at the United States border.  If the Right to Bear Arms is taken away from law abiding citizens there will still be ways to illegally acquire weapons and that is what will happen – not only will we then be fighting the illegal drug trade crossing our borders, we will then also be fighting the illegal arms  trade making its way across our borders.  In my South Texas town I read weekly about vehicles passing through and being stopped by law officers only for them to discover bundles and bundles of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs (and people) being smuggled from Mexico.  The same thing would happen with weapons.

With that said – public education on the dangers of weapons could be a positive action.  Public education on mental instabilities would be an even greater action.  Putting the money back into Mental Health that our greedy government took away from it would be the best action.  There are reasons mentally insane people need to be locked up away from society.

But no action will prevent senseless tragedies from happening and that is the bottom line.  That’s life.  If the media would work harder at educating society instead of instigating propaganda bullshit we would all be better off.  Responsible journalism is an idea from the past that has long been drowned by greedy corporate owners of news outlets.  With that said, I’m sure there are still some honest journalists out there, at least I hold out hope for the cause.

And second of all, I do not believe punishing an entire college is the right thing to do in regards to the Penn State scandal.  I believe a lot of innocent people are being punished for the sins of a few – and those few were NOT PUNISHED ENOUGH.  Put the punishment on the shoulders of the ones to blame.  Make the money come out of the personal pockets of all the leaders who hid that Sandusky monster and allowed him to continually abuse boys.  It is not the fault of the entire college, only a select group of people.  And yet, the punishment stated by the powers that be, it will be innocent people at the college who will be harmed.  Not fair.  Fair would be listing the names of all the people who covered for Sandusky, blackballing them to never return to a job in education, and making them pay restitution from their own pockets to the abused boys.  Now that would make a point.

And third – I tend to lean Republican in political matters but am really tired of the ‘Obama-Care’ bashing.  At least he tried to do something.  Our healthcare is a joke that stopped being funny when I became an adult.  The system has one HUGE flaw in it – and that is the PHARMACEUTICAL industry controls it.  I’ve decided anyone involved in this industry will burn in the pit fires of Hell for eternity, but that that doesn’t help us in the here and now.  Big Money Drug industry CONTROLS everything from the politicians to the insurance companies to the doctors offices.  And until that changes our healthcare system will be wrong.  I don’t care what political party preferences tout – until a group comes along and does an overhaul on the Pharmaceutical Demons – we will have problems.  I wish some news correspondents with integrity would start educating the country about that.  (Was that an oxymoron? lol)

That’s enough.  I’m off my stool now.  But I had to get that out of my system – it was poisoning my sunny disposition.  ha.


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4 responses to “My Opinion on Current Volatile Subject Matter

  1. I’m pleased that you’ve got that out of your system. Now deep breaths… All fun aside it’s good to be passionate about issues you care about and thanks for sharing your views on these highly emotive topics. Even if I believe that Gun laws should be changed. :o) But what do I know, I’m a brit…. We have had similar incidents in the UK but they are far rarer here…. But i do wonder if that’s because Guns are extremely difficult to get hold of. Great Post.

    • Thanks for your comments – and I do see both sides of the situation – and it wouldn’t bother me if guns were more difficult to purchase here in the States as well – but then again I think it should be more difficult to get a driver’s license too (as we have too many idiots on the road that don’t know how to drive, lol!) I do have a question for you since you are in the UK – What do you think of your medical system? I know it’s different than ours. Just curious.

      • I have an older brother who is a surgeon in the NHS (National Health Service). I have an opinion that no one should die because of a lack of money. I guess thats where I stand – drugs and life saving treatment should be free. I believe it to be a basic human right.

  2. Millie

    Sounds good to me. Very well said.

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