Work Out Whine

Aging is not very becoming for women.  Men age just fine and dandy, becoming “more distinguished” – Women have to watch and feel every piece of their bodies fall apart.  Just another example of how ‘life ain’t fair’.  I’ve decided that I must start exercising more regular simply to keep the middle age spread from spreading too far but I have to be honest, I feel conflicted in this pursuit.  Sure, when I glance in the mirror and see fat where there formerly was none I feel energetic about the work-out routine.  It’s in the actual work-out routine that I feel less energetic and more “‘aagghhh – what’s the point!?”  Even with that I can struggle through the pain (somewhat, I’m not one of those people who you have to worry about going into cardiac arrest because I simply do not push myself with cardio, I am not that excited of a person!) but the side effects of exercise that really get me – and I’m not talking about the adrenaline rush (? guess I’m not doing it right, cuz exercise sure don’t make me ‘high’!!!) I’m talking about the build up of lactic acid causing muscular pain which in turn makes me hobble like a little old man – and I do things to be ‘pro-active’ in attempts to prevent this but it still happens repeatedly.  It’d be a hell of a lot easier to get on a regular work-out schedule if there were no pain involved!  (And those screamers of ‘No pain, No gain’ can kiss my milky white arse – I know genetics play a huge factor in our bodies which only means when my children get old I can say “Sorry, you get that from me.  Sorry – yep that’s genetic.  Oh yeah, sorry about that too!”  As if I won’t have enough mistakes to apologize for as it is!

I say all this because I went to the gym for a serious work-out today.  I’m sure I will be bed-ridden tomorrow and who knows when I’ll be able to lift my arms to type again?  Geez, I’m only 42 – I can’t imagine (don’t wanna! you can’t make me!) what I’ll be like in another decade!

so there is my work out whine.  maybe later I will have some wine to ease my whine.  Why not? 🙂

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  1. I’m with you, make mine a large one. :o)

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