Tara Moments

The boys have started a new way to tease their sister.  When someone says something that makes them seem ‘clueless’ or ‘dingy’ they say that person had a ‘Tara Moment’.  The following is a story that gives you an example of how this started:

The kids have been involved with their church youth group a lot this summer because our church was lucky enough to get a great college youth minister intern – Lex.  He’s very personable and all the kids at church love him.  After one activity they were all sitting around talking about different places to possibly meet and have a bible devotional and Tara suggested Starbucks because she loves that place.  Lex agreed and said “Yeah, we could go to Starbucks and study there.”  Tara looks and him blankly and says “Study what?”  … Lex looks at her and says slowly and purposefully “The Bible!”  She says “Oh! I thought you meant like study school books or something.”  Everybody laughs and he pats her on the head and says “And that’s why you’re my favorite!”  She can be very entertaining in her naive innocence.  Especially when she gets to laughing really hard and she can’t stop – she starts squeaking when she laughs and that makes her laugh harder.  It’s really cute.  One of her teachers this year actually nicknamed her “Squeaks” and that is what he wrote instead of her name on all her hall passes.

Just one of the many joys of children.

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  1. Millie Russom

    Really cute!

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