The Little Things in Life

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because I’ve felt crappy for one reason or another and I seem to get depressed this time of year anyway.  Rather than write a litany of my ailments (oh the joys of passing the big 4-0 and hitting middle age) and whine, complain and groan relentlessly on and on, I thought I’d just not write for a bit.  But I can’t call writing my hobby if I don’t do it (duh!) so I’m back.  However, I might digress a bit as I pass on some humor here, so forgive me if you catch any sarcasm mixed in with my thoughts.


At the beginning of the school year C.D. would come home talking all about girls and who liked him, who teased him, etc. etc.  It had been a little while since I’d heard anything so last week while driving him home from school, I asked,

“So, what kind of girls do you have chasing you around school now?”

His reply:  “Hot ones!”

Oh joy.


Last week when I wasn’t feeling up to par, my wonderful, sweet & loving daughter left me a sticky note on my dayplanner that read

“You’re the bestest Mommy in the whole wide world!”

It’s little things like that – they just make my day.  T.J. is full of compliments for me, sometimes she’ll just walk past me and look and say things like “Oh Mommy, you’re so cute!” or “You’re so tiny & cute!” and my heart warms.  It’s not often 15 year old girls talk to their mothers like that.  I am so glad we have a good relationship.  The other day she told me one of her teachers told her “T…you must come from a good family because I really liked your older brother and I really like you too.”  It’s nice to hear things like that because it makes me feel like we’re doing something right as parents because often I feel like I’m not doing the ‘parenting’ thing right.  I have moments of doubt even though I think my kids are fantastic – it’s also easy to look back over past mistakes I’ve made.

Change of Subject:

And now my ADD (that stands for Attention Deficit Disorder, if  you’re reading this Mom) kicks in:

the kids talked us into trying out Netflix on Chance’s xbox 360.  The first month was free and I was going to cancel it after that because of the availability of R+ worse rated shows and I didn’t want the kids watching trash.  But, I started finding movies I wanted to see and couldn’t rent, and well, let’s just say I’m a bit hooked now.  But you can view the list of shows watched so I’ll know if they watch something they shouldn’t have when I’m not around.  The only one that might do that would be my sweet girl because she likes horror movies, and admittedly there are some raunchy scary movies out there.  I had to make her stop watching one the other day when the creepy guy in the movie was drugging people to make a human centipede – and well, errr, the way he was planning to attach them was just plain sicko.  Having so many movies to choose from at your leisure is extremely convenient especially when you don’t feel good and there isn’t crap on TV.  I haven’t been reading as much lately because I can’t seem to stay focused, which is weird for me.  So, it’s a nice reprieve.  And for years I missed out on a lot of movies because of well, life, but now I’m getting the opportunity to catch up.  Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing…or just a thing. lol.

The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.  (from Dr. Seuss’s ‘I can Read with My Eyes Shut!‘ book)

Speaking of reading, I sped read through the rest of that Dr. Seuss philosophy book.  Nothing really interested me much after first few chapters and after my initial excitement at the idea of it dwindled, I decided nothing else needed to be written about it.  There was no big reveal, no giant epiphanies, no new secret to happiness.  The only thing I took away from the whole book was the fact that happier people tended to think more childlike.  I think I would’ve been better off simply re-reading some of our old Dr. Seuss books.  I may still do that yet…

Maybe my depressing mood has a little to do with the dreary overcast weather we’ve been having.  We don’t even get a magical blanket of snow to break up the monotony of winter weary weather here – it’s too warm.  So while it may look like winter outside it sure doesn’t feel like it.  It can’t be good for the soul to sweat just by walking outside in the morning with a cup of coffee in January, right?  South Texas weather has the ugh! humidity factor.  If they started a new reality show called “The Humidity Factor” and had contests on the most humid places to live – well, I think our city might just be able to grab that top prize!  ha…ha…ha.

ADD time again.

Sunday church time, we had a guest preacher.  A passionate black man with ‘preacher’s voice’ (ya know, the highs, the lows, fluctuations and intonations to get or keep your attention) and he was enjoyable to listen to.  One laugh I have to pass on:  He was talking about women when they were younger, He pranced across the stage walking like a girl and quoted the girls as saying in a high pitched voice “Oh, my body looks so good,” (he sashayed his hips a few more times) “Oh, my body looks like a coca-cola bottle with all of it’s curves” and then he stops and says deadpan “Well, now that your middle-aged it looks like a coke bottle too – It’s just that it’s a 2-liter now!”  Lol.  He also said when talking of Heaven and Hell “There are only two sections in Eternity people – Smoking and Non-smoking – which one do you want to be in?”  I really liked that but had to explain it to my sweet T.J. later, when she said to me “You better stop smoking then Mommy!”  lol.  she took it literal.  Then I told my Mom about it.  She also took it literal – so I had to explain it to her too. LOL!  (Like Grandma, like Granddaughter 🙂  Oh, their sweet innocence.


Prayers are still needed for my mother-in-law who suffered a major stroke Dec. 27th and is having a very slow recovery.  They are looking at skilled nursing homes to place her in next week.  This is sad and depressing.  Nobody wants to think about the maladies of old age when they are younger and seemingly indestructible but it happens anyway.

‘Nuff said.

(I quoted Sam Elliott there, from an old Western movie I watched on Netflix…fyi)

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  1. Millie Russom

    Very good. I enjoyed it alot.

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