Meals on Wheels

Today was my last day as a volunteer driver for the Senior Citizen’s Center Meals on Wheels program.  I’d been doing it for a few years now but as I didn’t always have a person riding along with me my husband didn’t feel it was safe for me driving around delivering meals on the bad side of town by myself.  Some houses you have to take the food inside and set it down because the people are disabled and I wouldn’t want my daughter doing that by herself so I can understand where he is coming from (although I was never scared, I am 5’2 and bullet proof, ya know, lol).  Since the kids were out of school on break I had the two younger ones ride along with me to help. (And to help them realize how good they have it compared to some).  T.J. were a Santa hat and when we walked the meals to the doors the elderly were so happy to see her – you could see their eyes just light up.  One lady said “Well, who is this little elf?  God Bless You!”  She got a lot of comments but eventually she got too hot and had to take it off so the people near the end of the route missed out.  When we were almost done she said, “Now Mama, this is it, this is your very last meal to deliver….Then they’re going to be delivering them TO YOU!”  haha.  I was like “What???”  She said, “I’m sorry – I was just kidding!!! But you have to admit, that was funny!”  Then she laughed so hard she snorted, hiccuped and lost her breath.  Ha. ha. ha.  I had to laugh too, but still, I was like “Knock on wood, Knock on wood!!!!”

So, next year I need to find another way to volunteer some time to help out some where.  I was thinking about the friends of the library but am not sure yet.

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  1. When I went to Dr. Hanna this morning I was thinking how nice it would be to volunteer to be a pink lady or something. But then I was wondering what I would do with rascal. I hate to see you give up meals on wheels because I know how you enjoyed it.

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