Christmas with the Nutcracker

I want to share a story about T.D. that happened one year near Christmas.  It was the first Christmas of living in a new town for the kids and I so I wanted to make it extra special by attending all of the holiday events available.  The wonderful church shows, holiday lightings and of course the annual Nutcracker Ballet performance.  This would be the first ballet attended by our family so I was excited to take the kids.  They were young, T.D. was 7, T.J 5 and C.D. was only 3.  They didn’t know what a ballet was so I basically just told them we were going to a Christmas show called the Nutcracker.

T.D. didn’t really want to go but I kept insisting it would be fun.  As we were driving over there he once again looked at me.  Imagine my surprise when I glanced at him and saw his big eyes filled with fear.  He put his hand on his groin area and said, “Mama…I really don’t want to see a nutcracker!”

I finally realized what he was scared of – he thought we were going to see someone cracking somebody’s testicles!!!!

I laughed and explained to him that in fact we would not be seeing that action.  Every year since then we both get a laugh at Christmas time when we hear about the “Nutcracker” performances!


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  1. That was soooooo funny! I had never heard that story before. What a wonderful and funny story. You ought to put that on facebook. Like.

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